“Winter’s Bone” won the SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2011


(Signis Hong Kong/ Catherin Wong)- The SIGNIS Award, introduced to Asia once again at the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), went to Winter’s Bone, directed by Debra Granik (USA). The Most Reverend John Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong, presented the trophy during the awards gala with applause from than 300 audiences in the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Center on March 30th 2011.

“The jury has been touched by the courage of a young girl, carrying the burden of her family, determined to prove her father’s death in order to prevent losing their home. By focusing on the grey and raw landscape the director creates an authentic neo-realistic atmosphere that enforces the tough living conditions of the protagonist and her family. ”

The Jury complimented the festival office, for their high quality of film selections with a wide spectrum of cultures and geographical representations, decided to give a commendation. It went to the Human Resources Manager directed by Eran Riklies (Israel/Germany/ Romania).

The jury commented: “The encounters that the protagonist takes across physical and spiritual boundaries deepens his self awareness. His personal transformation in turn influences and shapes the quality of the relationship of people round him. The film not only shows tremendous about a character’s death. The classical structure of the film resonates with the journey the characters undertake as their lives unfold .”

SIGNIS Award has been introduced to HKIFF since 2004 and co-organized with SIGNIS Hong Kong. It is given to films for cinematic excellence in expressing social and humanitarian concerns, as well as spiritual and artistic values. Members of the SIGNIS Jury were: Jos Horemans (Belgium), Winifred Loh (Singapore), Norma Pocasangre (Hong Kong).

Source: http://www.hkdavc.com/signis2011/resulte.html


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