SIGNIS World President Extend deepest Concern and Condolences to Japan People


SIGNIS World President Mr. Augustine Loorthusamy, has wrote a letter to SIGNIS- JAPAN president Mr. Chiba San, and his Secretary Mr. Mac to extend deepest concern and condolences to Japan people at the time of great suffering.

The letter was released on March 14th, 2011, to SIGNIS-Japan president and other regional SIGNIS- presidents.

He wrote that on behalf of SIGNIS World I would like to extend our deepest concern and condolences to all the people of Japan at this time of great suffering. Please be assured that we feel with you this pain seeing the loss of life affecting so many hard working innocent people. I can already see the courage of the Japanese people even as they mobilize to help one another. I am sure Japan will overcome this great tragedy.

The letter continues this is also the time for SIGNIS Japan to show its solidarity and concern. In times of great crisis we are also given the opportunity to show who we are as Christians and I am confident SIGNIS Japan will do its part.

The earthquake and Tsunami was destroyed the province in North-east of Japan on Friday March 11, 2011, the media was reporting that about more than 10000 people were die and Thousands are missing.


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