SIGNIS- JAPAN: Updates on The Huge Earthquake and Tsunami


Signis- Japan: The As of March 17, more than 5,500 lives were lost and 9,500 still missing. The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 with 6 reactors is still having problems. Self-defence force, Police, Fire Stations are doing their best to pour water to cool down the nuclear fuel, but not yet successful. There are planned blackouts by 5 blocks in the Kanto Area including Tokyo. There are nearly 300,000 refugees because of this devastating disaster.

With increasing information, we hear more damages to Sendai and Saitama Dioceses. CBCJ has published an article by Sendai Diocese that they confirmed the safety of all priests. The funeral of Fr. Andre Lachapelle was duly conducted. He died of the heart attack on March 12. Three churches were destroyed and the ground floor of one church is unusable. Several children in Catholic kindergartens lost their lives. They do not have further information. They have set up Sendai Diocese Support Center for the victims.

You may see some pictures at CBCJ website in Japanese at

You may watch NHK world website in English for videostreaming at

Your continued prayers and encouragements are greatly appreciated.


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