Signis Asia Publication

Standard Format for Publishing (Book) the Proceedings of Study Days.

  1. Preferably an attractive cover that relates to the Theme (Single or Full colour)
  2. Soft cover, perfect binding
  3. Pagination – Roman small numerals (i, ii, iii) up to main content

Arabic numerals (1,2,3) for main content

  1. 1st page (i) after cover should be title page + author + publisher
  2. 2nd page (ii) (reverse of title page) should have details of book:

5a. Copyright holder

5b. Publisher

5c. Printer

5d. First print: 2006

5e. ISBN

5f. Statement on reproduction

  1. 3rd page (iii) Preface
  2. 5th page (iv) Foreword
  3. 7th page (v) Acknowledgement
  4. 8th page (iv) Contents
  5. 1st main page – Section I (separator page) – Study Days (SD) presentations
  6. 3rd main page – 1st talk
  7. Section II – Signis Asia Plan of Action for Social Marketing (SM)
  8. Section III – Photos or Activities related to or connected to SD on SM
  9. Section IV – Annotated List of contributors, ref.websites, ref.books, etc., on SM
  10. Back cover page – Synopsis of book and ISBN

Note: A Preface is an introduction to a book written by the author of the book, or in this case, the person/s who co-ordinated the Study Days. Although it is Mr. Magi and Fr.Iswara. Mr. Magi, the host SD co-ordinator can write.

An introductory essay written by a different person is a Foreword, and precedes the Preface. The Preface often closes with acknowledgements of those who assisted in the project. A foreword should be written by someone like Chairman FABC-OSC – Archbishop Lawrence Saldhana

An Acknowledgement is to thank all presenters/sponsors etc. It will be good for the highest host person to do this. In this case it will be the President of Signis India, Fr. Dominic.

Reference: A good example of past Signis Asia Publication, Please refer

                to the book On Promoting a Culture of Peace by Signis Asia,

                2004 ISBN