SIGNIS Asia Media Award 2013


Guidelines and information about SAMA 2013 has been announced at This competition is limited to SIGNIS Asia members only. Below is the summary. During the SIGNIS Asia Assembly 2012 in Malaysia it was already announced that the theme of SAMA 2013 will follow the theme of World Communication Day 2013. The winner will be announced during SIGNIS Asia Assembly in Beirut, October 19-25, 2013. The deadline for all entries is August 31, 2013. Please, read carefully the guidelines. Thank you for your participation.

THEME: “Social Networks: Portals of Truth and Faith; New Spaces for Evangelization”
(Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI on World Communication Day 2013, per 24 January 2013).
One minutes Video: (Click for downloading entry form)
1) The duration = maximum 1 minutes (not more than one minute, including credits)
2) The theme: The annual WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY 2013 theme will be the reflection for the script.
3) Open to all genre (e.g. MTV, film trailer, advertisement…etc. )
4) All video entries must not have been broadcast or shown yet to the public before 1stJanuary 2013.
5) All entries should be sent to the address below together with the entry form. A copy of the entry form should also be sent via email to the SIGNIS National Center of the respective country. All necessary addresses can be found at under Member Countries area.
6) Masters should be sent in DVD (PAL)
7) All productions should be dubbed or subtitled in English.
8) Only original footages will be accepted. (if download from other sources, get permission and state the sources in the ending credits).
9) All submitted entries will NOT be returned and will become property of SIGNIS Asia.
10) Please send all entries to: Fr. Yoseph Iswarahadi SJ Studio Audio Visual Puskat, Jl. Kaliurang km 8,5, Jaban-Sinduharjo,
Yogyakarta 55581 – Indonesia
Phone: 62-274-883539

(It is recommended to use Air Mail. It is possible to send via
cc to and and representative of your country)
11) Deadline of submission: August 31th, 2013
12) The first winner will get USD 500, a trophy, and certificate Fifteen
(15) Minutes Video:(Click for downloading entry form)
1) The duration is between 10 – 15 minutes. (not more than 15 minutes, including credits)
2) The first winner will get a trophy, a certificate, and USD 1,000
3) All other instructions remain the same as reflected above in the One minute Video.

Poster Competition 2013: (Click for downloading entry form)

1) Theme: Refer to annual World Communications Day 2013 reflections. 2) Entry size A3 (11 ¾” x 16 ½”) 3) English (If local language is used, please translate at the back of the poster and a separate type written A5 with your name, age, gender, postal address, telephone number, email address and country).
4) Medium: Any medium. Black & white or colored.
5) Age limit: 15 – 25 years old
6) The original posters can be sent to the coordinator of SAMA 2013 via Air Mail. Or you may also send the posters in soft copy format. Please, send them to the coordinator of SAMA 2013 cc to your country representative. See information on One Minute Video.
7) Deadline of Submission : August 31, 2013
8) The first winner will get USD 300 , a trophy, and a certificate
9) All submitted entries will NOT be returned and will become property of SIGNIS Asia.
Fr. Iswarahadi
VP-Coordinator of SAMA 2013


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