SIGNIS Asia Assembly 2016 open for Registration


SIGNIS ASIA (Yangon): SIGNIS Asia General Assembly 2016, themed: SIGNIS ASIA: Redefining Our Mission and Moving Towards Sustainability which will be held at Yangon City, Myanmar from August 21-27, 2016 (Arrival: August 21 and departure: August 27). Your attendance is highly expected for the sake of both the assembly and SIGNIS ASIA members.

Mr. Gustavo Andujar, the Signis President and Mr. Ricardo YÁÑEZ, the Acting Secretary General the Secretary General are scheduled to attend the forum.

The assembly will cover programs: three days for input and workshop, one day for Exposure to the local culture and one day for business meeting day .

The Signis Asia Board invites the SIGNIS ASIA members to participate in the SIGNIS ASIA MEDIA AWARD (SAMA) 2016 themed: ‘Merciful Action through Media’ for the category of Video, Poster & Photography and Radio. The expected participants are the children, youth and all members. The competition involves juries from the local host and professionals.

Below are the detailed categories of the competition:

Video are comprising 2 categories with the duration of 1 & 5 minutes, the first winner for one minute video deserves USD 500, a trophy and certificate. Five minutes video the first winner deserves USD 750, a trophy and certificate

Poster & photography (for youth, age up to 25): The first winner of each category deserves USD 300, a trophy and certificate.

Radio programs are comprising two categories with the duration one and five minutes, with attached synopsis in English. For one minute Radio program, the first winner deserves USD 300, a trophy and certificate. Five minutes radio program: the first winner deserves USD 500, a trophy and certificate.


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