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Call for Entries.

Theme:  Promoting Stories of Hope

(Every SIGNIS ASIA Member Country should send an entry)


An Introduction to the Theme:


In the Words of Our Pope Francis!

In a world where so much bad news can anesthetize people or lead them to despair, the media cannot and should not ignore ‘good news’ stories, stories which we see as a reflection of the greater news that God is a loving father.

‘Fear not, for I am with you’, are the words believers hear whispered in the midst of the world’s tumult.  Professionals, opinion leaders and means of communication are based in affluent areas, distant from the places of poverty and need. The physical location too often translates into ignorance of the complexities of the lives of most women and men today.

The anesthetization of conscience of letting despair get the better of us are two possible ‘diseases’ that our current communication system can cause.

It often appears that communications media are used as part of a ‘genuine strategy’ for creating fear, but we have good news to tell because we contemplate trustfully the prospect of the Kingdom.

It is an invitation to tell the story of the world and stories of men and women in accordance with the logic of the ‘good news’ that reminds us that God never ceases to be a father to all people and in all situations. Let us learn to communicate trust and hope for history.

Some Reflections on the Theme: Seeds of Hope!

We can’t but help dealing with human dignity, peace, and love. These elements are also included in the stories of hope. .

We try to seek for seeds of hope in despair. Take for instance, adults and children among multi-regional and religious societies. Though adults strictly oppose each other, their children can mingle with each other. We can find the seeds of hope among children

See the real hope in the depth of despair

We can look for positive approaches.

For example, though many youth are addicted to smart phones, they can find meaningful ways of using them. Smart phone is a gift from God. How to use the gift is left to individuals.

We come across thought provoking phrases. For example:  We can see real hope in the depth of despair. Crises present opportunities. The best opportunities can be found in times of crisis. Opportunities are found in times of crisis.

‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’  is a famous phrase from Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind. Daylight comes after night!

Whenever we are in the depth of despair, we console ourselves by saying, ‘Nothing could be as bad as all that’. Or, ‘Just improvement is left before us’. Or ‘This too shall pass’.


Has the ‘Story era’ come to an end?

A story is a very useful device to attract the attention of people. Story marketing is very common today.

The story is an inevitable element for producing a radio program.

The legendary radio producer, Orson Wells, emphasizes that the ‘radio is an ideal medium to deliver the story’. Story and music are two pillars for radio. A story is a powerful tool for communication.



One Minute:   First Prize: US $ 500 + Trophy + Certificate

Five Minute:   First Prize: US $ 750 + Trophy + Certificate

POSTER:               First Prize:  US $ 300 + Trophy + Certificate

PHOTOGRAPHY: First Prize: US $ 300 + Trophy + Certificate

RADIO: (Synopsis in English is a Must)

One Minute:   First Prize: US $ 300 + Trophy + Certificate

Five Minute:  First Prize: US $ 500 + Trophy + Certificate


– One country can send any number of entries. One contestant can send any number of entries.

– Either the Country President or if a country has many regions, the Regional President should acknowledge that the production is from a contestant belonging to Signis contacts. This is important since our announcement will be out in the social media and general public may like to participate whereas this contest is for people from Signis contacts.

– Material should have been produced from July 2016 to March 2017

– Radio Programmes should have  synopsis in English

– Photos and Poster should be sent online with not less than 300 dpi in JPEG format.

– Jury’s decision is final.

IMPORTANT:  Every SIGNIS ASIA Member Country should send an entry at least in one         category. Every year Signis Asia Screening Committee has been recommending the         production of Video and Radio programmes on values. The entries for SAMA do not         match with the number of productions we undertake every year.  Kindly motivate          the young minds to reflect on the theme and send more entries!  

Kindly send your Entries through online, email, google drive and youtube to:

Mr. Ly Sovanna ( and

Dr. Magimai Pragasam (




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